Star Trek Into Darkness

So…I just read the plot synopsis for the next Star Trek movie.  I, hmm, well.  Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to see Benedict Cumberbatch and Simon Pegg.  But there’s this nagging little voice in my head that is telling me I’m only excited about this movie because it’s Star Trek.  That synopsis just really isn’t doing anything for me…at all.

Confession time.  I’ve never watched TOS.  I know, I know.  How can I call myself a Trekkie, blah blah blah.  The point is, TNG is my absolute favorite series and the J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek doesn’t feel like Star Trek to me.

There are certain things I liked about the movie (e.g., Simon Pegg and the special effects).  Still, overall, the movie just fell short of being Star Trek and I can’t help but suspect that Into Darkness will be the same.  Of course, I hope that it will exceed my expectations and blow me away.  Also, I hope that they haven’t decided to make Khan the villain.  Nobody (not even Benedict Cumberbatch) can compare to Ricardo Montalban.  Nobody.  And I love Benedict Cumberbatch.  I think most are speculating that the villain is going to be Gary Mitchell.  I had to look him up and from what I read, that could be interesting.

I’m just going to have to find the time to watch TOS.

L’Oreal and Urban Decay

Image courtesy of mistermong/

I just learned via Phyrra that L’Oreal will be buying Urban Decay Cosmetics.  (Update:  According to Reuters, the sale has already happened.)

I started replacing my L’Oreal products when I found out they weren’t a cruelty-free brand.  I admit to still having some (like my Lancôme foundation), but I just don’t feel right about knowingly buying from a company that tests products on animals.  There is a chance that Urban Decay will stay cruelty-free and I’ve heard rumours that L’Oreal will be going cruelty-free in 2013 due to the EU ban on animal testing.  That remains to be seen, I guess.

I don’t own any UD products, but there are several that I’ve had my eye on.  I think I’ll hold off on making any purchases until I know for sure one way or the other.  If they do not remain cruelty-free, I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

(Slightly off topic:  Any recommendations for replacing my Lancôme Teinte Miracle foundation?)