Zoya Logan, Aurora,and Storm

When Zoya had their recent promotion, I decided to go with Logan, Aurora, and Storm.

First up is Logan.

I’m a sucker for green nail polish, so when I saw this gorgeous green with gold flecks I HAD to have it.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t terribly impressed with this color.  I had no application problems and no staining on removal, but…I just felt ambivalent about it.  I really wanted to love it.  I think under lower lighting conditions, it is lovely.  However, under brighter lights (sunlight, office lights, etc.) it reminds me of holiday tinsel.  It just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Next up — Aurora.

Aurora is a lovely purple packed with holographic glitter.  It looks very pink in the bottle to me, but comes out more purple on the nails.

I really like this color and I think the holographic glitter stands out brilliantly.

Lastly, Storm — I love black polishes almost as much as I love green.

Storm doesn’t have as much glitter as Aurora, but it is by far my favorite of the three.  It reminds me of the night sky.

Also, I really want to go read some X-Men comics now.  😉


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