Girly Bits – Cosmic Ocean

This is a polish I’ve been drooling over for ages, and I finally snagged a bottle from Llarowe.  It was worth waiting for.

What it is:  a duochrome layering polish that flashes green and blue.  I also found that in certain lights and at certain angles, I could see a purple flash as well.  I could not get a picture of the purple, but you can see a slight pink/purple hint in the picture of the bottle.

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Pretty Serious Cosmetics – Dream Delight

This is the nail polish I wore for New Year’s, Dream Delight from Pretty Serious Cosmetics.  (Late much?)  I am so very behind on my posts, but oh well.

I bought this polish AGES ago, but as soon as I saw it I knew I was going to save it for New Year’s.  This polish is hard to get good pictures of.  I saw flashes of different colors on my nails, but couldn’t get the camera to pick them up.

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Best Astronomy Images

Here’s some more old news (because I’m woefully behind), but it’s still AWESOME, so I’m posting it anyway.

Phil Plait compiled the best astronomy images of 2012 (a whole month ago), and they are breathtaking and beautiful and amazing and…you get the idea.  Space is cool.  If any of you NASA (or super-awesome private space companies) folks read this, when you start sending people to explore the universe…PICK ME!  *wink*

Patrick Stewart Interview

Um, oops.  I completely forgot to post this, you know, over a month ago.  Even though it’s old by now, I’m posting it anyway because I love Patrick Stewart.  There can never be enough Patrick Stewart.  This also reminds me of that one time, at the end of October 2012, when I was going to go to a ComicCon in Austin…but I couldn’t (for various extenuating circumstances.)  And I cried.  No really.  I still get weepy because I REALLY wanted to meet Patrick Stewart.

Anyway, tangent over.